Monday, May 18, 2009

Not Me! Monday

I have loved reading MckMama's blog for months now and she has a Monday series called Not Me! Mondays. You are supposed to write things that you did in the past week, but don't really want to claim that you did them...LOL...So here it goes....

~ I did not get in Anna's crib after she woke up from her nap to get a big giggle from her. The big giggle was me looking like a baffoon getting out of the crib! Nope, Not Me!!

~ I did not some how wash & dry a dirty diaper (#2 at that!!) through Anna's clothes. I did not have many ugly words going through my head as I found many brown stains all over her clothes....Nope, Not Me!!

~ I did not find a week old sippy cup under my couch & I did not gag continously about what I found in the cup! Nope, Not Me!!

LOL...See fun huh? :)

On another note, I have a few new outfits listed in my store! The new Patriotic Patchwork dress, Summer Flip Flop Dress, & the Apples, Apples, Apples skirt & shirt set!


  1. I love MckMama too. Check out this follow-up to her Not Me Monday over on my blog. It's called Toot Your Horn Tuesday. We get to sing our own praises! Hope you can stop by.
    Leah @

  2. I really like Mcmama too! It's so funny to read all these blogs and we don't even know the people! Kelly's Korner is my fav!!! I love the outfits. Will you make little applique t-shirts for boys? I need some!!!

  3. I love your patriotic outfit. You are so talented!

  4. How funny!!!!! lol Still cringing over the diaper issue with you. Geez!!! That's the stuff of nightmares.

    PS - how much for the patriotic pillowcase dress in size 1 year? I can't afford the adorable top and ruffle pant set you emailed me about earlier right now =( But this dress would be SO CUTE for the 4th.


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