Thursday, April 23, 2009

Shoe Fetish

After a quick dr. appt. this morning for me, I took Anna to a local toy store called Toy Fair to look around with some of her birthday money and we found her some of the cutest Keds walking shoes! The look so cute on her little feet. I have been looking everywhere for walking shoes for her b/c her feet are so tiny! Most one year olds wear at least a size 4, well Anna is barely out of a size 2...She really loves them and hopefully they will get her walking soon! :)

Then, my mom called me today and told me that some squeaky sandals that she ordered Anna came in and we were visiting my friend Michelle and stopped by to pick them up! They are so cute and are size 3's and still big but we will make them work so she can squeak around and walk! :) I will have to keep them away from Rascal though..He was chasing her around like she was a big fat chew toy! :)

We had such a fun & busy day! Well, we are having a fun little pool party tomorrow afternoon with some of Anna's friends in her new pool that her aunt got her for her birthday! I'll post pics soon of all the fun! ~Stacy

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