Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Watch out, Cindy Crawford!!

Well, I'm a day late...I have every intention of posting about our fun Easter weekend yesterday, but it totally slipped my mind. I was still recovering...LOL...We had a great time with Anna's "First" Easter. She went to 2 eggs hunts on Saturday and had a blast! She didn't quite understand the whole point, but she sure thought plastic eggs were yummy! :) We woke up Sunday morning and all went to church as a family and then spent the rest of the day with family & friends! Here is sweet girl will all her eggs! :)
Today we had a fun day! We ran errands this morning and then when we got back I laid Anna down for her nap and started making a bunch of bibs. I have had some scrap fabric lying around for awhile that I have been needing to get these bibs made with it, so I just got to it while she was napping and ended up with 6 bibs that I just listed in my shop! After Little Miss woke up happy from her nap, we had a modeling session! She loved every minute of it as you can tell....

Well countdown to her birthday is starting! Only 2 more days after tomorrow! My baby girl will be a toddler! She has been standing by herself sometimes so we are hoping for some steps pretty soon! We'll see...

Well off to bed..Lots of ladybug planning ahead tomorrow after a stop by the park! Be back soon!


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  1. So cute! Stacy you are so talented. Good luck with the lady bug birthday.


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