Friday, March 27, 2009

Late night ramblings

I have gotten my body clock sooo off!! I am so nocturnal, but when the 7 o'clock cries come, I get onto myself for not crawling into bed at a decent of why I am up late tonight is because I am in the process of making a MySpace page for my little boutique children's clothing "shop" I have started called none other than "The Fancy Fritter". :)...So to all you MySpace people out there! Add my shop to your friends! Thanks so much! :)

We had an eventful, yet productive day here at my home today! My hubby works for a commerical construction company and most of his jobs are outside, so because of the thunderstorms the night before his jobsite was too wet to work. So I whipped my Honey Do List out and got to to bossing...HA! Just kidding! No, My hubby is such a go-getter, I was quietly folding laundry in the living room and I heard banging under our house. "Oh no! What did he get into now?" was my first reaction, but come to find out he was working on the plumbing underneath our kitchen sick that definitely need to be taken care of! So a trip to Home Depot for some new pipes and with my encouragement...A brand new faucet!!! I was so excited! It is the little things like this that get a stay at home wife and mother happy! My hubby got it all installed and I love it!

Here is the before:

And here's the after!!

It is funny that I was excited to do dishes tonight after dinner! If you notice, I have a working sprayer now and yes, every dish got sprayed...hehe!

Well, this owl is turning in.....Have a great Friday!

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