Monday, March 16, 2009

25 and counting...

Today was my 25th birthday and it was such a great day! I was very spoiled, loved on, and lavished with wonderful gifts! I am so thankful for all the sweet people in my life. My hubby has been so sweet and did everything to make this birthday so special. Yesterday he invited all of our family over for a cookout and we had a blast! It was so sweet that everyone came over for my birthday. Anna had a good time too...she loved geting lots of grandparent and auntie lovin'! :)
I got 2 really fun gifts for my b-day too! Kirk got me a James Avery charm bracelet and a Happy Birthday cake charm. I have a few other charms too, so I can't wait to go get those put on. It will be fun to collect charms for all the exciting times in my life. It will become so dear to me and I will cherish it always. They have so many charms too, I already have a list of my favorites! ;)

My parents gave me money to go pick out a serger b/c I have been wanting one now that I am making clothes. It makes them so much more presentable and finishes them up so nicely. I am so excited about it and went to get it today, took it out of the box, and just stared at it! LOL...I have no idea how to use it, so tomorrow I may pop in a bag of popcorn and watch the nifty instructional DVD that came with it and hopefully I will catch on pretty quick. I can't wait to make my first little dress using it! It will make things to much easier and probably cut time in half! :)
Hubby and I went to eat at a great seafood restaurant, Ralph and Kacoo's and it was wonderful! My tummy is stuffed, so I'm heading to bed. It was a great day and 25 is going to be great! I just know it! :)

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  1. Yay for fun birthdays!! Mine is coming up - March 30th. I'm glad you had such a great time. What a sweet hubby =)


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