Monday, February 9, 2009

What a fun weekend!

This weekend was tons of fun for me! My dear friend Kara loves to do tea parties and she is so good at it, so this past Friday night she had a Valentine's tea party for all the women in our new church! It was so fun and a much needed girl's night for me! We started the night off by eating a great "tea" dinner, with chicken salad sandwiches, italian pasta salad, and a raspberry spinach salad. It was all so yummy! I loved all the fun decorations.
Here is the super cute table:
Kara has a beautiful tea cup collection and everyone got to choose one
for their tea and this is the pretty one that I chose! I love it!
I love all these girls!

We had a great night! We watched Pride and Prejudice afterwards and ate way too many chocolate covered strawberries! :)

We also took Anna to one of her friend Parker's 1st birthday party on Saturday and it was tons of fun! It is hard to believe our babies are growing up so fast! Only 2 more months and it will be Anna's party! AHHH!

Well that's my weekend review..I hope you have a great week!


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