Friday, January 23, 2009

Jumping Jellybean

Whew...This week has flewn by! Anna turned 9 months old last Saturday and she has been into everything! She is my little jumping jellybean! It is the funniest thing! Yesterday I put her in her bouncy seat (which I have found out she is a little too big for now!:)) to watch Sesame Street. After coming back in the living room from pouring my cereal, she was sitting straight up and bouncing so high in her bouncy seat! It was her own mini trampoline! It was quite humorous! (I took video of it, but I'm not quite sure how to get it from the little disc to my computer?!?) EDIT: I caught her in action and just had to post these pictures! HA!

She has been working on getting all her teeth in. From the week before Christmas she has cut almost 6 teeth!! She has all the top 4 and then 2 more are joining the 2 bottom ones...Needless to say, she hasn't been the nicest sometimes. Bless her heart!She also has learned to sit up in her bed, stick her legs through the slates, and hollar at me like she is in jail! :) She has her mommy wrapped around her little finger!..hehe!

Silly, Silly, Silly! I am so blessed and grateful to the Lord for giving me such a beautiful, sweet, and healthy baby girl!
I have been busy lately making some clothes for my new shop: The Fancy Fritter

Last night, I finished up this adorable little reversible pinafore top with cute ladybugs on it!

Well, off to tidy up while Anna naps! Have a great weekend!

P.S. Harper is improving by leaps and bounds! Praise the LORD! He is so good! Read her latest update here!


"Bless the Lord, O my soul! O Lord my God, you are very great!" ~Ps. 104:1(a)


  1. She is so adorable! "Jumping Jellybean" just fits. :-) Have a great weekend Stacy!



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