Friday, August 29, 2008

Tulips Treasure Box

Wow! 2 posts in one day! I'm getting good at this! :)

As apart of the Etsy Bloggers team I just joined, you must blog about a shop that they feature monthly! I really love this idea because I am able to see everyone else beautiful handmade things! This month the featured shop is Tulips Treasure Box. You can find her store at:

Oh my! She has some BEAUTIFUL jewelry and so detailed! I love it! One of my favorites I found while browsing through her shop is this one....

The Blues Beaded Necklace

I'm a sucker for anything blue and this is just so pretty with all the different shades of blue in it!

She also has the really cool and eco friendly TeeTotes and they are made out of old T-shirts..What a great idea! I love the one about sweet!!

TulipsTreasureBox is a great shop and you should stop by and look around! You can also read her blog at

Have fun shopping! :)

EtsyBloggers Team

I'm now apart of the Etsy Bloggers Team and one of the requirements is to submit a post in the Blog Carnival once a month. The topic I must write about is: Something You Did When A Child That You Will Always Remember. So here it goes....

Something I did when I was a child that I will always remember is going on camping trips with my parents and older sister! We would have so much fun swimming in the lake, taking hikes, riding in the boat, fishing (although I would never fish..I would just ask when we could go back, and playing with all of our friends. I loved hearing my parents visit with their friends while we would play hide and go seek in the dark and roast marshmellows in the camp fire. Those were some fond memories of the camping trips we took while I was growing up. I'm excited now to take Anna camping when the weather is cooler and throughout her childhood! Something about the Fall makes me want to go camping! I really would go to Petit Jean soon...hopefully we can go this Fall! I'll have to keep you posted....

Well off to Friday Night bible study...Have a great Labor Day weekend!

Oh, and Geaux LSU Tigers! :)


Thursday, August 28, 2008

My Wiggly Model

My Fritter is now my baby model!! :) I figured I make all these bibs then why not model them on Anna so people can see how cute they will look on their baby. So yesterday was our modeling session and I think she was the wigglest model ever! :) But she had fun! Here are some pics of our "shoot":

hehe! We had fun! If you like any of the bibs here, some have matching burp cloths and you can see them all at my Etsy store

Have a great Thursday!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Busy, Busy, Busy

Well, it has been a little over a week ago since my last post and things have been very busy. Things with Etsy are taking off pretty well and it is exciting! I'm just having to work fast too keep stuff up on my page! I got in the mail today some fabric I ordered from SewLoveFabrics and it is beautiful!! It is the Freshcut line from Heather Bailey! Here is a pic:

We went to a birthday party for my friend Tina's little girl and I made her a princess crayon roll up! It was so quick to do and turned out great! I love trying new things and it turning out great! :)

I have also been experimenting with making pillowcase dresses and I made my second one last night! It turned out beautiful! This fabric is so sweet & feminine!

So those are just a few things that I have been working on! I'm so excited about my new fabric and I have so many ideas! I better go try and work on some stuff before my Anna wakes up from her nap!
Have a great day!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Pure excitement!!!

I am so excited! I feel like all my work is finally paying off!! I just sold my first item on Etsy!! I actually finished them up last night and listed them this morning and within an hour they were gone! I knew this fabric was just too cute! I'm so excited, so now I need to get them packaged and sent! How fun! Here is a pic of what just sold:

Well have a fun Friday! ~Stacy

Thursday, August 14, 2008

My fritter

The Fancy Fritter??? What does that mean? Well for all of you who have children, you know that all sorts of crazy things pop out of your mouth when you are either singing to them or playing with them and since she was little I have just called her "fritter." She can be a "fussy fritter" or a "funny fritter", but she will always be a "fancy fritter." Totally corny, I know but I guess that is what motherhood does to you.

My sweet "fritter" Anna at almost 4 months old. So sweet!
That is why I started this blog. To write my motherly ramblings, share stories about Anna, my relationship with the Lord, church life, and my recent sewing projects. I love to sew and recently started my own Etsy store at So far it has been fun and I'm working hard to get more stuff up.
Well, It's late and I'm off to bed.....Night!

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