Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A Honorable Man

Well, the votes are in and I am disappointed to say the least. But I now look with optimism towards the future of America and pray for our new president that he would make good decisions that will help Americans and our families. What gives me peace at this time is that I trust in a sovereign God and I know that He puts men into power and I know that this is His will. That is what gives me comfort. I ran across a copy of the speech that McCain gave last night and it was wonderful. I wanted to share it with everyone! (Click the picture to read article.)

This will probably be the last time that I post about politics for awhile....I have to be honest that I am kinda glad it is all over. Well, have a great Wednesday and God Bless America! :)

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  1. I did not vote for him however there is no doubt that he is a man of honor. His concession speech at the Biltmore was one of the best and classiest I heard him give.

    I truly believe his mistake was Sarah and it cost him dearly.


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