Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Historical Election

Well today is Election day and what a historical day it will be. I just got back from standing in line for a hour and 30 mins with a squirmy 6 month old and it was so worth it! Anna did great too! She loved playing with the curtain once we got in the booth! You know it is a historical vote when you are standing in line and you see 5 people with walkers and 4 people with oxygen tanks all standing in line! I was amazed at the crowds, but happy to see everyone fulfilling their civic duty.

My husband and I are McCain/Palin supporters and feel they will be the best for our country at this time! I am looking forward to them pulling out a win and to hush all of the left wing liberal medias mouths! (Oh, I could ramble on for days about this...) However, I can trust that our sovereign God has this election in His hands no matter what the results and that is what gives me comfort.

Well we will just have to see what will happen after all the votes come in! I hope the "Right" one wins! hehe! :)


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