Sunday, November 23, 2008


This past Friday night my husband and I hosted the weekly Friday Night Bible Study our church group does. I was so excited to host! It so much fun to have all of your friends in your house and know that they are well taken care of! :) We cooked soups that night because it was so cold and it was perfect! My husband, Kirk, shared on evangelism that night for the lesson and it was so wonderful. He asked some really challenging questions, such as, "What place does evangelism have in your life?" & "How important is evangelism to you?". I have to admit...I was very convicted and challenged by these questions. So many times I find myself, just strolling along through life in my own little bubble doing my own little thing and I forget to share about the most precious gift, which is that I am blood bought by my wonderful, gracious Savior Jesus Christ! There are so many people perishing in their sin and that are in despair and I really learned that I need to be more aware and willing to share my faith with them! I love to see when the Lord answers prayers and saves people and to think if I shared about Him to someone and the Lord changed their heart! That would be such a blessing! So I am thankful for my husband's study and I pray that I will keep my eyes and heart open to sharing my faith more with others.

That night we sang a song before the study that I really loved. I have never heard it before and I always love new songs! It is so powerful! It is called "Devotion".

I've been runing trying to be one who sees
I've been working this salvation out on my knees
There is nothing better than knowing
We are redeemed
I'm believing trusting in creative hands
I am praying for our world to bow to your plan
And this one thought is unmistakable
To take up my cross and follow You Lord

When You stand the tall trees and mountains bow
When you speck the fiercest of oceans is still
and I see the sinner seek devotion
The lost become chosen and I fall to my knees

I'm forgiven by a Savior who did not deserve death
He was blameless and I was lost in shamefulness
Undelivered but it doesn't seem right
Unless I keep my eyes focused on the Savior who gave His life
In the middle of a world that denies it believes
It is breaking apart at the very seams
There is one thing to be alive for
And it's to take up my cross and follow you Lord

I will take up my cross and follow Lord where you lead me
And I will take up my cross and follow wherever you go

There is so much truth in this song it blows me away! "There is one thing to be alive for and it's to take up my cross and follow you Lord" and to tell other's of Him too on the way! :)

I hope everyone has a great Sunday! Thankgiving week is in full swing! Yay!

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  1. Thank u for sharing this stacy! i've never heard of that song either....but i like the words :)

    I wanted to comment on your last post but i didnt make it in time, so i will do it on this one :) I might have to steal your recipes :) i think i might be making my corn pudding, i dont like calling it that b/c corn and pudding doesnt sound too good together but oh well, it sounds almost like your corn casserole...anyway...hope u have a wonderful thanksgiving with a new tradition :)


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