Friday, August 29, 2008

EtsyBloggers Team

I'm now apart of the Etsy Bloggers Team and one of the requirements is to submit a post in the Blog Carnival once a month. The topic I must write about is: Something You Did When A Child That You Will Always Remember. So here it goes....

Something I did when I was a child that I will always remember is going on camping trips with my parents and older sister! We would have so much fun swimming in the lake, taking hikes, riding in the boat, fishing (although I would never fish..I would just ask when we could go back, and playing with all of our friends. I loved hearing my parents visit with their friends while we would play hide and go seek in the dark and roast marshmellows in the camp fire. Those were some fond memories of the camping trips we took while I was growing up. I'm excited now to take Anna camping when the weather is cooler and throughout her childhood! Something about the Fall makes me want to go camping! I really would go to Petit Jean soon...hopefully we can go this Fall! I'll have to keep you posted....

Well off to Friday Night bible study...Have a great Labor Day weekend!

Oh, and Geaux LSU Tigers! :)



  1. Bringing back some memories for me too. We grew up camping and then did my children. Now at least one of the two has done so.


  2. that's a nice idea - continuing the tradition of camping

  3. Camping is nice but I can't say I'm the outdoorsy type... Nice Post! :D


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